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Played the demo and immediately bought the full version on Steam. Very worth it!


Stav like esli tozhe smotrel prohozhdenie ot happy wolfa

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Your game is  surely a horror game, but I almost cried when facing the picture of her.(I can swear anybody who played the game can tell which picture I mean.:))

Here is my video.  I'm speaking in Japanese using a text-to-speech software in the video.  Because of that , it can't convey my gratitude to you.

So let me say thank you here. Your game is more than just a horror game!


OMG yay. I just adore your game. The visuals, the storyline so far. I haven't fully completed it yet. I'm finishing tomorrow. I can't wait to see how it ends. I also can't wait to see whatever else your mind can create.


Hey! Congrats on the full release!